Played Final Fantasy 2 (4j)


Beat Earthbound
First Rudimentary Website
Discovered Pokemon
First Serious Artistic Attempts
First Online Writings


First LiveJournal Design
First Personal Website
First Online-Posted Art
First Major, Award-Winning Website (for NetMonster)


Became adept at mIRC scripting
First Major Comic Project
First mIRC 'Game'
Played DDR for the first time
Attended Harvard Summer School


Got AP Credit on 3/4 courses.
High School Complete
First MUSH
Won "Best FanSite" contest for the same MUSH
Able to complete Heavy songs in DDR
First Final Paper in Website Form


First personal portfolio site launched
First website made for a friend
First major art poster completed
Second and third websites made for friends.
Got into Homestar Runner


Began using Mozilla Firefox
Began Work on my own major through UMass's BDIC Program
Played Parappa and Um Jammer Lammy for the first time
Finished a major animation, won Honorable Mention
Built my first Computer from parts
Modeled various objections & people in 3D
Broke my Clavicle


Discovered Cave Story, a game made by one man
Learned how to use Flash, and animated therein
Last serious LiveJournal redesign


Animated a variety of 3D models
Fifth major art poster completed.
First complex flash 'shoot-em-up' game engine.
Major comic thesis submitted.
UMass Amherst complete.
Discovered Rhythm Tengoku
Learned XSLT, XML, PHP, MySQL, better CSS
Worked with Mambo, Joomla, and Insight Builder
First major and complex flash display


First serious experiences with Linux
Began getting into more "Indie" games
Creating documents outline and detailing project's work to be done
Built second computer by hand
First visit to a colocation facility
First experience with Windows Server 2000.


Second professional flash animation
Embraced They Might Be Giants' Music
Regular sysadmin use of Windows Server.
Third professional flash animation
First experience with SilverStripe
First professional work with Python
Saw fireflies for the first time
Completed Portal
Discovered & dissected method of Audio Preview on Youtube
New LJ Design created, not used.


Completed first DDR ONI Course
First live performance of Louis C.K.
Finished professional landing page flash animation
Experience with Windows Server 2008
Exhortation of 'conversion testing' for the future
First multi-level community site
First 100-page website of complete & multi-level SHTML includes
Professional installation of a company-produced server at client facility.
New Resume and Portfolio complete


First Android Phone
Taste-tested Meads
First saw Joe Versus The Volcano
Completed Bioshock
First Experience with DND
First They Might Be Giants concert
First experience with jQuery
Drastically improved Attorneys.com scalability through evaluating use & thinking of future users
Wrote conversion tracking into the form scripts
Authored documentation for supporting 3rd party affiliates
First COMET Javascript functions
Built a "Groupon"-like experiment.
First CMS based securely grabbing remote data.


Second Android Phone
First Mobile CSS
Got into Google Reader
Got into LifeHacker
Completed my first Whole30
Beat Ghost Trick
First attempt at a MythTV Home Media PC.
Third Android Phone
Won tickets & saw Chromeo for the first time.
Company website hit a major fiscal milestone.
Beat Bastion

2012 (updated)

Finished a comprehensive 'Commission Pricing' site.
First made Takoyaki
Managed & worked on integration of a new posting system.
Began drawing a bit more
First implementation of HTML5 Javascript file upload/analysis.
Cut up the new Attorneys.com design into HTML & CSS
Applied the new design to my PHP codebase
Began work on a Dropbox PHP CMS
Launch of new NateWay
Launch of new NateWork
Began at Springpad
First saw Wreck-It Ralph
Drawing frequently during this period
First usage of Velocity templates in email refresh

2013 (created)

Began wearing colorful socks/footwear
Played Puzzle & Dragon briefly
Played Puzzle & Dragon briefly
First time at Tanglewood (Ode to Joy)
Created some Wordpress minisites
Began a journal of daily accomplishments
First time at Yume wo Katare in Porter Square
First visit to Manhattan
Saw Annie on Broadway

2014 (created)

First door repair!
First original gaming year.
First tried out polyphasic sleep.
Attended a considerable amount of funerals. :( <3
Began exercising regularly again
Got stung for the first time
Finally sized for contact lenses!
Began planning for my new company
Finally sized for contact lenses!


Visited Fairhaven, MA
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